5 janvier 2012

[release: danny alias. civil defense]

danny alias. civil defense reworks.
A1. civil defense [ivan smagghe vocal édit]
B1. civil defense [get a room ! edit]

We know that there are no lost treasure anymore. The big one we mean, not 'la pepite', that little gold nugget that excites the record digger... Over the last few years, we've seen disco, italo, minimal wave and more recently early house exhumed from their dusty shelves for more or less legal re-releases.

Do you really wanna a 10000000th (nicely packaged) reissue of an early 'Carl Craig' (replace at will) record? Do you want a badly pressed 12" of Derrick May's remix of De-Lite's Wild Times? How do you feel hearing a 20-something making jackin acid house like if it was really 1989? Hmmmmm...

But then again, there may still be little gaps in the house archives, some records that escaped general knowledge. This relative anonymity does not make them better in itself, but worthy of our attention. Especially when they are the raw sound of pure madness, the fierce attack and the Civil Defense. Danny Alias wrote this UFO of a track in 86 (think Moonraker by Johnny Dangerous and instantly forget about it), it was played by Ron Hardy, a couple of other things and... Retreat.

When it popped out of our record shelves, we were astonished. This had to be re-released. So now and totally timeless. And guess what (note to the cheeky bootleger), Danny was really easy to trace and a very enthusiast man. The original edit by Ivan Smagghe (from the second volume of his A Few Things From Ivan Smagghe cds) is here, doubled with a pumped up version by the old/young team of Get A Room!


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[they love it and we are happy]

trevor jackson: this record is a beautifully unique and innovatively deranged record that deserves all the attention its going to receive, ivan and the get a room boys have respectfully and masterfully bought a classic Into the 21st century dancefloor without losing any of its original magic, love this release.

Brodinski: WOW! i love it! big edit on this one. full support

My Favorite Robot: this is pretty special..really digging ivan's vocal edit..but both reworks are great! thx!

laurent garnier: Remix tres classieux NYC white funk stylee de monsieur Smagghe ---- Excellent --- je kiff ma race!!!!!!


agoria: Pretty rare i give a 5/5. This rate is mainly for IS vocal edit.

Tim Sweeney: Love it

tiefschwarz: i love it

the hacker: really like the get a room edit !

dj feadz: beautiful !

oliverho/raudive: god bless you and thankyou for this cosmic gift.

Clement Meyer: l'original était parfait , l'edit d'ivan est parfait, celui de get a room est parfait. what else

Matt Walsh: wow, loved ivan's mix. now the new GAR version is great too!

Kiki: ivan´s version is great, but will also play the get a room edit out loud!

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