28 octobre 2010

operation deadline


kill the dj are launching a digital collection of EPs : each month a new release available on beatport.
[don't miss an episode or you won't understand the ending]

- deadline 01 : chloé "one in other" remixes / 21 october
- deadline 02 : RMVN [ivan smagghe & roman flugel] feat clement meyer & the eyes in the heat rmx / 21 november
- deadline 03 : battant ep feat capracapra, jennifer cardini and tim holmes rmx / 21 december
and coming in 2011, krikor, the eyes in the heat, clement meyer and many more

SERIE : deadline 01

ARTIST : chloé


- distant [magda rmx]
- one in other [alex smoke rmx]
- diva [plein soleil rmx]
- one in other [jennifer cardini rmx]
- herselves [issakidis dzir rmx]
- diva [alex smoke rmx]

Chloe's music, especially on her second album One in Other, is a diamond in the rough for remixers. It belongs to the murky waters on the edge of dance music, flirts with experimentation and gives the lucky ones a wide array of eerie material to work with. But her music is also extremely intimate and personal, hence it would be blasphemy to give away such emotions to 'house by the mile' manufacturers.
You can always make cheap bling out of raw gold, many do. At Kill the DJ, we tried to choose artists able to make fine and striking jewellery.

Magda is a long time friend of Chloe's and Kill the DJ and this is a surprisingly welcome late addition to the stable. Like Chloe, she is comfortable on the edge, not afraid of the void. With the help of a strangely catchy broken piano, her rickety version of Distant throws sand in the well-oiled mechanics of minimalism. Perfect, as 'straight' is not very us.

We consider Alex Smoke as one of today's most interesting and singular electronic producers. When asked, Alex first hesitated between this track and One in Other... To our joyous surprise, he ended up doing both... What a spirit! In the Glasgow fog things are rarely what they seem, and the appropriately named Mr Smoke may lead you astray. Thus the hidden beauty behind the industrial corrosion in his Diva and reversely, the lush electronica grown vicious and deadly in One in Other.

While on the subject of vicissitude, Georges Issakidis delivers another backroom burner with Herselves. He does what he does best: slow sleazy house music. Chloe's atmospheric vocals are a breath of fresh air but steadily the druggy sweat takes over. How deep and dark will Georges go in his forthcoming album? The devil only knows.

Jennifer Cardini proves her ever-evolving versatility, fitting in no box except ours. She has recently given us a ravey remix of Battant that will be out soon and here, her guitar led One in Other shows a lesser known pop sensibility.

Last but not least, Plein Soleil (aka Chloe herself and Krikor) have chosen Diva for their dirty funk work out. In quite a tour de force, they manage to melt the epic, almost classical side of the original into an old school, acid tinged belter. The best of both worlds. What more can you ask?

>>> listen and get this ep here.

18 octobre 2010

always distant ?

nuits sonores souvenir.

it was in may 2010, the über cool nuits sonores festival invited us for a kill the dj all day long @ la piscine du rhone. we were there with the whole family: pilooski / jennifer cardini / optimo / ivan/ and chloé for her first live show.

it took us a long time to get the recording of this afternoon and many of you asked for this.
we don't want sytematically give online all the mixes recorded during our parties.
those of you, who are looking for vinyls or recordings so hard knows that rarities are precious.
enjoy it .


12 octobre 2010

vive le smagghe qu'on clame !


This object was not meant to exist in solid form. An emanation from Ivan Smagghe's eponymous blog, it was commissioned by French uber style emporium Colette for the Paris spring/summer 2011 fashion week.
Chic 'à part', it expresses both parties true love of music. You have received it as you may share this love and ultimately may spread the word. No seamless DJ mix, these are Ivan's personal versions of personal favorites. He's reconstructed and renamed the pieces, paying homage with gentle manners, sometimes punk disrespect. It's a glimpse at the personal obsessions of the collector: lost classics and forgotten heroes, paying tribute to madness and making justice to overlooked magic, the surprisingly accessible obscure and the incredibly strange mainstream etc... No genre barriers, no chronological fixation, but the anarchy that acquired taste may well be. This collection will not define anything, but may shed a different light on Ivan Smagghe, who some know only a 'techno DJ' (even if a slightly odd one).
The same eclectic effect is given by his work with Tim Paris as It's a Fine Line, a project sitting on the edge of many fences (disco/electro, experiment/dance), or indeed by the multiple directions taken by his soon 10 years old label, Kill The DJ.

Another way to grasp what makes him different would be to attend the two very special 'all night-long' sets he will perform in Paris and London this October. In relation to the latter, a special podcast will also be available online through the Resident Advisor website.

Finally, If you can't make it, no worries, this is only chapter one...
A few things from ivan smagghe...
1-canal street
2-steel panties
3-it's the bonobo season
4-how understanding my darling
5-dutch rhythm combo-alerta (ISE8 DJ tool)
6-molto molto amore
7-ode to the vigilante
9-two-eyed cyclops
10-quad throw salchow-the unwelcome guest (ISE8 edit)
12-my kind of woman (it's a fine line 7" version)
13-rêve vairon
14-got sand in my boots
15-battant-feverish (ISE8 proto edit)
sleeve design by Jeremie Nuel & Simon Renaud

www.shop.killthedj.com (your friends may be able to get a copy of this record there)

11 octobre 2010

vive le smagghe qu'ils disent

Vive le Smagghe! The French DJ/producer/label boss turns in a selection of dance floor treats for the RA podcast.

Ivan Smagghe comes from an older school of DJing: Gloriously eclectic, unafraid of a wild jump in tempo, selfishly confident in his crate in the best way possible. It most certainly stems from his days at Rough Trade, educating Parisian record buyers to all manners of electronic (and otherwise) music. Since Smagghe transitioned to DJing and producing full-time, he's been stunningly prolific, churning out iconic mix CDs, guiding Kill the DJ to international prominence and bringing his open-minded sensibility to audiences around the world. For his RA podcast, he spans old and new in a set that you might find him playing at peak-time during his upcoming A Night With... in London. Until...well, we won't spoil it for you.

What have you been up to recently?

Quite a bit actually. We've moved the It's a Fine Line studio, which was quite a piece of work. Analog gear is nice but... We should be getting back to work soon now. In the meantime, I did a solo remix for French label Meant, something I have not done in ages. Also, French fashion emporium have just released a super limited promo CD of edits of mine, some taken from my blog, some not.

How and where was the mix recorded?

At home, involving the usual mish-mash of techniques, from scratchy old vinyl dusted off the shelves to the latest Traktor Plugs from Native Instruments. (Am waiting for the Kontrol S4.)

Can you tell us a little bit more about the idea behind the mix?

An idea? Hmmmm...

Think of it as a machine made out of cables all pulling out in different directions and me just trying to maintain the equilibrium, playing with the tension. I'm not really one for the 60 minutes tunnel, but it still has to have some kind of coherence, if not an "idea" or a theme. Not that simple when you want to have the old, the new, a bit of yours and some of your close guard, the electronic dark disco and the strange rock (I'm quite happy to have included a 140 BPM rockfish ending this time), the straight hypnotic feel and the rickety funk... To make it short, it's about trying to give an idea of yourself in 60 minutes. If that's possible...

You recently started a blog. Why?

It's the best way I've found to do "online" communication, MySpace and Facebook not being my kind of thing. (Some weird fans are doing that for me, even quite badly). Just a bit more personal than the rest... I actually started with two other blogs, for books and movies , then thought about doing it for the music...

We've been told you're into magic. What's your best trick?

Do magicians talk about their tricks? Hmmm... My best one may well be still being around though...

What are you up to next?

I'll be in the States and Mexico for Halloween. Getting back in the studio with IAFL as I said... We are going to produce Battant's second album, As I Ride with No Horse. Also busy with my label Kill The DJ (it's our ten year anniversary next year). We're launching a year-long series of digital releases. First are remixes from Chloe's album by Magda, Alex Smoke, George Issakidis, Jenifer Cardini and Plein Soleil; then there will be a 12-inch by RMVN, a collaboration between Roman Flugel and myself. Remixes of Battant by Capracara and Tim Holmes, a 12-inch by Clement Meyer, etc. Loooooads of stuff.

Download RA.228 Ivan Smagghe

Populette - Populace - Throne Of Blood
Metope - From Druida - Beachcoma
Chloe - One in Other (Acapella) - Kill The Dj
Death In Vegas - Reigen - Virgin
...Cass & Mangan - 808 Matters (Play Late Mix) - Tsuba
Chloe - One in Other (Alex Smoke remix) - Kill The DJ
Superpitcher - Rabbits in a Hurry (It's A Fine Line remix)- Kompakt
Console - Suck and Run (Flight Mix) - Virgin
The Soft Pink Truth - Confession (Nervous Gender) - Soundslike
The Customers - Furious - Elektro Music Dept
Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix - Numbers
Melody Boy 2000 - Soundstealer - Dum
Kxp - 18 Hours of Love (Optimo Espcacio remix) - Smalltown Supersound
Jellphonic feat. Zacky Force Funk - 100 Snakes - Clone Crown Ltd
Gigi Galaxy - Lips So Sweet - Teknotika
Exotica Maximus - Paint It Black - Mvm
Quad Throw Salchow - The Unwanted Guest - Tummy Touch

4 octobre 2010

what's the difference between...

this :

and that :

Maybe the same difference as between this :

and that :

that is around 10 000$ I guess...