30 juin 2010

radio killed the dj star

on red bull music academie radio.

On The Floor! - Live at Rex Club, Paris - on june 17th - chloé live aftershow with ata & superpitcher.

Chloé [Kill The DJ, Paris]

Is Paris still burning? If you take a close look at Chloe Thevenin, you rather think that it's covered by a sublime and beautiful layer of ice. Dubbed the dysfunctional family's hypodermic daughter (other members include Ivan Smagghe and Jennifer Cardini), she is among those kind of jocks and producers who don't care for genre barriers, media frenzies or peer pressure. Cutting her teeth as a DJ at the infamous Le Pulp in France's capital, Chloe learned at the petite girl's club how to be discreet, but impeccable and implacable selector. After a while, she put her record case to the test with the seminal mix 'I Hate Dancing' (no, we also don't believe her) that firmly installed the dame on the international jet set circus. With a string of 12s for labels like Karat, Kill The DJ or Bpitch Control, Chloe transferred that aesthetic of microscopic house or technological future pop onto plastic with albums like "The Waiting Room" or "One In Other". You always wondered how music for stalactite caves could sound like? Chloe knows.

20 juin 2010

breaking a silence

it's been some time now. some time indeed. not ones to spoil anything, let us not get too eager or give too much away too soon...

14 juin 2010

hang the dj!

backstage pass to party hard on thursday night at L'Alhambra ...

9 juin 2010

optimo loved our ears

le 25 avril dernier, nos amis d'optimo ont arrêté leur résidence du dimanche soir au sub club / glasgow aprés 13 ans d"activisme. Les blogs et sites anglais débordent d'articles, de déclarations d'amour, de chagrins inconsolables. Histoire de vous donner à jamais des regrets de ne pas avoir bougé votre cul jusque glasgow, voila l'enregistrement de la soirée.
7 heures pour refaire l'histoire du rock, de la house, de la techno et de la musique en général.
7 heures pour voir défiler les 15 dernières années de ta vie .


part 2




cheers to feelmybicep.com & all our love to jonnie & keith.