26 décembre 2011

radio show

ktdj radio show residency on campus paris + radio grenouille marseille.
december edition: chloé slow mix !

CHLOE SLOW MIX for the KILL THE DJ residency on RADIO GRENOUILLE by Chloe (DJ - Producer)

15 décembre 2011

merry x-mas !!

A christmas without presents is not a christmas.
So here is your first gift : an amazing remix of BATTANT by our beloved JENNIFER CARDINI .

merry x-mas, happy new year to you all and rave on !

battant - accoustique session

la creme brulée est un dessert catalan

... mais aussi une émission sur red bull music academie radio consacrée aux acteurs de la scène musicale française. ils ont eu le gentillesse et la patiente de nous consacrer une spéciale... surtout la patiente ...

"Club culture is not only about hedonism and losing control. From the early days of French Touch the Parisian collective Kill The DJ (Fanny Corral, Stéphanie Fichard, and Ivan Smagghe) has proven that club culture has also something to do with political activism and gender. Kill The DJ has simply created Paris' best parties since Le Palace at famous lesbian club Le Pulp, bringing deviance back to club culture. The music label Kill The DJ is the home of Battant, Georges Issakidis and Chloé. In this show you can expect one hour of noisy, dirty talking - as underground music should be. Welcome to the dark side of the French Touch. Bon appétit!"

part 1 : on cause.

part 2 : on mixe.
dj set de 1 heure avec que de la chanson et de la musique française.

celui qui trouve la playliste en entier gagne des trucs !