6 septembre 2011

Back to the [old] school baby!

battant-shutter ep by killthedjrecords

TITLE : shutter ep
ARTIST : battant
REF: ktdj021
format: Vinyl 10” + digital bonus
Distribution: kompakt (world) differ-ant (fr only)

A1: shutter
A2: clearcut [live take]
B1: oldschool, baby

Bruise [Jennifer Cardini rmx]
Human rug [Capracara rmx]
Mark twain [Tim Holmes rmx]

Communiqué from the East London branch of the Kill The DJ family...
Some may have thought the trail was cold, but Battant (Chloe Raunet and Joel Dever) have just been running as far as they can. Not running away from something, just keeping on moving. From the headless wave of their first lp, towards the strange shores of their second album, As I Ride With No Horse that is produced by it's a fine line [aka Ivan Smagghe & Tim Paris] and will be released worldwide in October 2011.

First glimpse: Shutter.
This is one of the many places where they now stand. A dry, sparse yet catchy romp. On their own edge (between early Cure and meth country if you need ready made tags), Electronics still dance in the corner, reigned in by the sharp It's A Fine Line (Tim Paris & Ivan Smagghe) production.

the Live Take of Clearcut is what it says. Ghosts in the machines, spookiness never in vain, this is a real song.

The idea of a cover of Westbam and Nena's classic Old School, baby had been in the mind of the team for a while. This track is a part of our history. Not an easy tackle but we like to think they've made the anthem theirs. Going beyond the anecdote, here's a seriously rocking wink with early support from Optimo, James Holden, Tiga, Chloe and more.

Digital Bonuses:
We saved those remixes from No Head for this precise moment. Capracara 's remix of Human Rug is dance music as we like it: making total sense and being totally original. The raw punk spirit of the original blended in a mutant disco cocktail, acid house colliding with a nearly carribean, nearly two step groove. It was then and it is now.

And it is now as it was then, when Tim Holmes (a long friend of the band, half of Death In Vegas and legendary London grey eminence) turns Mark Twain in an unashamed electro-pop moment. Does the revival start here?

Finally, home sista Jennifer Cardini pushes all our rave buttons with her take on Bruise. A
'proud to be butch' approach on Battant's unique weirdness. As dark and irresistible as a
black hole.

feedbacks >>

Tiefschwarz : i love it !

Laurent Garnier: completement CBGB's New York styleeee J'adoooooooore.


Tim Sweeney : great! will support on the radio show here in nyc

Gesaffelstein: Content de voir le retour de BATTANT, j'adore oldschool baby et les remixes sont tres classe, Bravo Battant, Ivan et Tim pour la prod et KTDJ !

Oliver Ho/Raudive : love cleancut, and oldschool baby the most. lovely and sparse music with echoes of folk,post-punk and disco.

Matt Walsh : great to see battant back! love "shutter" so much! jennifers remix is great for the clubs too. fantastic pack.

Philip Sherburne [ra]: Oldschool, Baby!!!! Nice one. Love her version. Feeling the Capracara mix too.

Morpheus: i really dig the old school song and mark twain(tim holmes rmx) best! but theother
tracks&rmxs are very good as well!

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