14 décembre 2010

deadline 02 - rmvn [ivan smagghe & roman flugel]

ARTIST : rmvn
FORMAT : digital

1- RMVN: amen aderno.
2- RMVN: uno.
3- RMVN: amen aderno [the eyes in the heat rmx]
4- RMVN: uno [clement meyer rmx]

Kill The DJ happily brings you the first release by RMVN, aka Roman Flugel and Ivan Smagghe.

For those who know (them), it was only a matter of time before these two end up together in a studio : they're not only friends but also share a big piece of musical culture, a love of strange electronics and a refusal of 'club music' conformism. The result of this predestined collaboration could only be unique.

'Uno' was recorded two years ago in Frankfurt, strongly infused by the Robert Johnson spirit. It is a piece of slow burning minimal bleepy disco which stays away from being 'nu' (in the 'sounding old' sense). Ewan Pearson loved it so much that he picked it up for his Kompakt mixed cd a year before its release.

'Amen Adorno', recorded in the It's a Fine Line studio in London, testifies of Roman and Ivan's love for early rave music without being a retro cliche. A mix as undefinable as a vintage Dimitri from Amsterdam set, one will hear italo,breakbeat, epic strings and Nathan Gregory Wilkins even found it quite 'jazzy'.

Remixes come from two more recent additions to the Kill the DJ stable.
Clement Meyer (whose ep for us will be out very soon, including the already much sought after romper stomper') turns 'Uno' into a dark and moody club burner.

'Amen Adorno' is drowned in the swamp by The Eyes in the Heat, a band (yes) lead by Oliver Ho (of Raudive fame). We will talk more deeply about them very soon, but they confirm with brilliance one of the KTDJ axiom : rock and electronics never exclude each other.

Early support from Michael Mayer, Optimo, Ewan Pearson, Geoffroy Mugwump, Tiga and more...

This is the second release (Chloe remixes already available) of KTDJ digital serie.

>>> listen and get this ep here

[they love it and we are happy]

Laurent garnier : hummmm c'est tres tres bon ça -- Yessssss

The hacker : amen adomo est super bien !! full support !!

Jon Berry // Kompakt : me me me like for very long time. excellent collab -
the clement meyer remix is superb. full support from my living room :)

Pilooski: cool release. Uno is the one for me.Support!

Kiki : "amen adorno" tickles some synapses i´ve almost forgot about lately.
already the fact that it kicks off with a breakbeat. and no, i was never into bigbeat, but the early 90´s stuff, like yeah, you said it: dimitri. or renegade soundwave. or... electrifying!
a great, great version by the eyes in the heat as well!

Samy Morpheus : just wonderful meaning full of wondrtracks, excellent !excellent !
+ the rmxs are very cool meaning hot as well....

Miss Kittin : Bah une bombe quoi... ça calme...

Mickey moonlight : i love uno. great!

Pedro "Busy P" Winter : L'autoroute! Moi qui découvre enfin les joies des slots 5am-7am je vous dis merci il n'est jamais trop tard x

Cosmo Vitelli : J'adore ce maxi. Ameo est cool, à essayer, je suis très très fan de Uno, pas forcément facile à jouer mais en tout cas il est magnigfique. Le remix de The Eyes in the Heat est énorme, excellente idée de leur demander. Bravo

Geoffroy aka mugwump : amen adorno est ze bomb.

Matt Walsh Turbo Recordings : Both tracks are great loopy dark disco, i will play both. Really excited to hear more from raudives band and clement is my favorite new producer this year... great pack again

Azoury philippe // stugi : Tout ce que j'aime: épique, aérien.

Scratch massive : best track is the clement mayer remix and the amen adomo. will play it

Get The Curse: I'm a big fan of all the tracks, especially "Amen Adomo" ... Classe

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