12 octobre 2010

vive le smagghe qu'on clame !


This object was not meant to exist in solid form. An emanation from Ivan Smagghe's eponymous blog, it was commissioned by French uber style emporium Colette for the Paris spring/summer 2011 fashion week.
Chic 'à part', it expresses both parties true love of music. You have received it as you may share this love and ultimately may spread the word. No seamless DJ mix, these are Ivan's personal versions of personal favorites. He's reconstructed and renamed the pieces, paying homage with gentle manners, sometimes punk disrespect. It's a glimpse at the personal obsessions of the collector: lost classics and forgotten heroes, paying tribute to madness and making justice to overlooked magic, the surprisingly accessible obscure and the incredibly strange mainstream etc... No genre barriers, no chronological fixation, but the anarchy that acquired taste may well be. This collection will not define anything, but may shed a different light on Ivan Smagghe, who some know only a 'techno DJ' (even if a slightly odd one).
The same eclectic effect is given by his work with Tim Paris as It's a Fine Line, a project sitting on the edge of many fences (disco/electro, experiment/dance), or indeed by the multiple directions taken by his soon 10 years old label, Kill The DJ.

Another way to grasp what makes him different would be to attend the two very special 'all night-long' sets he will perform in Paris and London this October. In relation to the latter, a special podcast will also be available online through the Resident Advisor website.

Finally, If you can't make it, no worries, this is only chapter one...
A few things from ivan smagghe...
1-canal street
2-steel panties
3-it's the bonobo season
4-how understanding my darling
5-dutch rhythm combo-alerta (ISE8 DJ tool)
6-molto molto amore
7-ode to the vigilante
9-two-eyed cyclops
10-quad throw salchow-the unwelcome guest (ISE8 edit)
12-my kind of woman (it's a fine line 7" version)
13-rêve vairon
14-got sand in my boots
15-battant-feverish (ISE8 proto edit)
sleeve design by Jeremie Nuel & Simon Renaud

www.shop.killthedj.com (your friends may be able to get a copy of this record there)

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