13 mars 2012

the eyes in the heat. amateur ep is out !!

the eyes in the heat. amateur ep.


a1: Amateur
a2: I used to be Spanish
b1: Hold up
b2: Amateur [Raudive Dark Dub mix]

format : vinyl & digital.

A new addition to the kill the dj stable is something that, for us, really counts.
Beyond Resident Advisor statistics and Beatport charts, signing a new project has always been, let’s dare the expression ‘an act of love’: an impulsion you can’t resist, and something you need to take care of. Excitement, sincerity and commitment.

Our encounter with The Eyes in the Heat (aka Oliver Ho and Zizi Kanaan) wasn’t ordinary. Ivan Smagghe was a fan of Oliver’s other projects, Raudive and his label Wires, and Ivan let him know. For some stupid reason, Ivan thought Oliver lived in Berlin whereas they both live in London. The second, and more important, surprise came when Oliver mentioned that he was working on a ‘rockier’ side project with a singer. A red flag rose instantly.

It did not take much to convince us of the exceptional quality and singularity of The Eyes in the Heat. From the first demos heard over a year ago, the combination of Oliver's ultra crisp angular techno and Zizi's vocals, their swampy approach to our common post punk-heritage (being conscious of your influences without idolizing them), their lo-fi but intricate use of electronics (doubled by Jerome's live drumming), blues and acid house... All this almost seemed tailor-made for us. We all instantly conceived this collaboration as a long term project and the present 12" is only a teaser for their soon ready album. Their shack is our shack and vice versa.

You'll find here all we love about them: a darkness that is never self-indulgent, grooves that lock you in but leave room for melodies, an ultra-tight production that manages to avoid feeling sanitized. Techno not Techno, Rock not Rock. Like us, they seem to be at ease on the edge of

Amateur” shows exactly what The Eyes in the Heat are about and why it will be hard to file them in any box. 'Techno with guitars' is a tricky ball game but here’s some club music that is not afraid to show its farm dog teeth.
The “Raudive Dark Dub” mix strips the black leather right to the skin.
The southern bayou element inherent to The Eyes in the Heat comes alive in “I used to be Spanish” but we've strayed far from cliches. Cramps are Gods, we all know
that, but this is music that looks ahead.
Finally, “Hold up” rounds up this ‘definition of a style’: an italo cowboy ride? Hypnotics and dissonance? Raw vocals and old-school drum machines?

Yep, all that and more.

the vinyl is here.
itune download is here
beatport download is here.

9 mars 2012

visibilité !!!

Parcequ'il n'y a pas de représentation lesbienne forte à la marche des fiertés ktdj soutient le projet gouine comme un camion: un projet participatif pour faire un chars de gouines à la gay pride 2012.
1 euros aprés 1 euros, donne petit camion deviendra grand !! On compte sur vous.

17 février 2012

raudive dj set

the eyes in the heat debut ep will be out on march 5th
on your fav black and white label.

Oliver ho/Raudive the man behind TEITH [with Zizi Kanaan] just did a great mix for
dazed digital.
From Arthur Russel till Chris and Cosey..... we are living on the same world

listen here

8 février 2012

ktdj radio show. january 2012

kill the dj radio show is broadcasted on radio radio grenouille marseille, radio campus paris, and campus grenoble.
february radio show will be from chloé battant. stay tuned.

6 février 2012

battant on tour

they keep it real at every show

25 janvier 2012